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Not All MQL Programmers Are Created Equal

MQL programmers come in many shapes and sizes so it’s unwise to assume that you’ll get the same level of service from each one. Having coded many projects for a large number of clients I’ve heard many sad stories of clients who had not checked out their programmer properly and instead just went for the […]

Forex Early Warning – You Have Been Warned!

UPDATE: Read the response to this blog post from Mark McDonnell at the foot of this article. I came across quite an interesting site this week that I thought I’d mention to you for two reasons. 1. The FREE information the site offers is quite interesting and certainly worth your attention. and… 2. The site […]

Improved Point & Figure for MetaTrader 4

If you’ve never heard of Point & Figure charts before then this brief article will not be sufficient to fill that gap. You should take a look at Forex Factory or do a Google on it to get more information. That said the basic idea is quite simple and makes a great deal of sense […]

Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) – What is it and how can it improve your trading?

Just recently I’ve been reading quite a lot about Volume Spread Analysis. VSA is an interesting approach to viewing the markets that offers a valuable insight into the way the SM (smart money) operates. It offers approaches and methods that can help the average trader see what the ‘big boys’ are seeing and gives clues […]

Money Management

Many traders have forex trading systems that can pick the direction of the currency correctly but they continually get stopped out by volatility and cannot stay with the trend. Here are some money management tips to help you stay with the trend and enjoy currency trading success… A typical scenario which occurs for most traders […]