Forex Trading

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Forex Reversal Pattern Indicator

A failed attempt to close higher/lower is a very simple potential forex reversal pattern and in a recent project I had a requirement to be able to identify this pattern programmatically. I wrote a routine to spot the pattern and put it in an indicator so that I could offer it to my readers to […]

Manual Forex Trading Strategy

‘Naked Trading’,  ‘Price Action’ and ‘Bare Charts’. If these phrases are things that interest you then read on my friend because I’m going to tell you about the best place on the Internet to develop your understanding of price action and it’s hidden message. I’ve been following the blog of  for quite some time and […]

155% Gain in Only 4.5 Months

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about a new EA that’s just been released called Forex Combo. They have some pretty impressive on their site. These are not demo but LIVE which is something you very rarely see from most people. Click the Image for More Information…

Improved Point & Figure for MetaTrader 4

If you’ve never heard of Point & Figure charts before then this brief article will not be sufficient to fill that gap. You should take a look at Forex Factory or do a Google on it to get more information. That said the basic idea is quite simple and makes a great deal of sense […]