MQL Programming

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MQL4 Arrays And Why You Should Be Using Them

I’ve been helping people to learn how to code in MQL4 since 2007 and by far the most confusing topic that seems to stump students is ‘arrays’. Why that is I’m not completely sure but I have a few theories. The idea of arrays sounds confusing at first and when I hear the blind panic […]

$50 Discount on MQL4 Video Course

It’s that time of year again when I like to do something special for the readers of the ATS blog. The whole purpose of setting up this blog way back in 2008 was to act as a hub or learning center for novice coders who were interested in learning how to code their own Expert […]

Adding ‘Margin Management’ to Risk Management – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the article “Adding ‘Margin Management’ to Risk Management”. If you would like to read part one . Margin Management The first thing we have to know about Margin Management is Leverage. Leverage in the Forex allows us to make large trades with small amounts of money, just like leverage in […]

Adding ‘Margin Management’ to Risk Management – Part 1

One of the things to avoid when trading the Forex is a margin call/stop out, when your broker will close your trade on the spot without asking your permission. If you are using a computer program (or Bot), most brokers will shut down your EA at the same time, preventing any future trades until you […]

What’s the Difference Between MQL4 and MQL5?

The other week I had an email from a client asking what’s the difference between MQL4 and MQL5 and whether he should learn one or the other. One would assume that the two are somewhat related because after all both are MQL and both are designed to program indicators, scripts and expert advisors for MetaTrader…but […]

Code Your Own Candle Identifier in MQL4

There are quite a few indicators available that will identify various candle patterns but why not write your own? It’s really not that hard and you can customize it to only show the candle formations that you’re particularly interested in. As a simple outline I’ve written an indicator that will identify and mark inside bars […]

[Video] Build Your Own Forex Trading Robot

I was just looking  through some old files I’d created when I first started ATS back in 2008 and I came across one of the first videos that I ever made. It was pretty funny to see the video again as I literally hadn’t looked at in years and it was weird to notice some […]

MQL4 Tutorial – Learn for Free!

Trying to learn anything can sometimes seem quite daunting at first but as you become familiar with the particular subject matter you soon realize that it wasn’t quite as hard as you’d first feared. To easily learn MQL4 you need to find a good introductory and you’ll find a clear and concise one The mql4 […]

Crazy Christmas Special On MQL4 Programming Course

In the spirit of the season I thought I’d do something special and so I decided to offer my at a very special low rate. Almost 3 hours of video training by a professional MQL4 programmer for only $25…CRAZY!!!! Here’s the deal… On December 1st I will be selling the course for only $25 which […]

Code Your Own Trailing Stop – FREE eBook

Following on from the success of my last free eBook I’ve been asked by many of my blog visitors to write another one so here it is. I put together an instructional and, hopefully, informative book showing programmers with ZERO previous experience how to code their very own trailing stop EA that will use a […]

New MQL4 Free eBook

I've just finished writing a short eBook on the subject of MQL4 objects that you might like to take a look at. There's also a tutorial on how to build a very simple but useful indicator. I wrote the first version of the indicator 3 years ago and I still use it today. It's an […]

MQL4 Video Training Course – Finally Available to the Public

From Novice to EA Developer in 10 Simple Lessons Would you like to trade like a pro on the Forex Market but have NO programming experience?  Wish you had a short cut to learning all the programming knowledge required to translate your strategy into an EA? Now You Can Learn MQL4 In Simple, Straight-Forward Language […]