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Money Management

Many traders have forex trading systems that can pick the direction of the currency correctly but they continually get stopped out by volatility and cannot stay with the trend. Here are some money management tips to help you stay with the trend and enjoy currency trading success…

A typical scenario which occurs for most traders is they enter a trend with their currency trading signal the price retraces, takes out their stop and then the trend immediately goes back the way they thought, piling up thousands of dollars and their not in!

If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Most traders have this problem and volatility is the cause.

Of course prices don’t trend in a straight line otherwise currency trading would be easy – they constantly retrace against major trends. Quite simply, you need to employ money management rules to keep you in the major trend and not get stopped out so here are some tips.

1. Don’t Trade the Market Noise

If you want to avoid getting caught by random volatility avoid short term trading strategies such as forex scalping or day trading. All volatility in a day is random. So if you place stops using daily support and resistance you are wasting your time.

Forget day trading and look at long term trend following.

2. Be Selective

You don’t get paid for how often you trade you get paid for being right with your trading signal and getting your market timing right. The big high odds trades don’t come around every day and you need to be patient to wait for them. I know traders who trade less than a dozen times a year, who make triple digit gains and you, can to.

You will also find many of the best trading moves come from breakouts and you need to look for these.

3. Use Breakouts.

Most major trends start from breaks of highs and lows and pick valid ones (check our other articles for more information on breakouts) When a break occurs your stop is obvious below the breakout point. If the breakout continues do not trail your stop to close! This is the major error of most traders in any form of trend and we will discuss this next.

4. Moving Stops

Most traders fail to win because they trail stops too soon. They want to restrict risk so much they create it by bringing their stop within normal volatility and getting bumped out the trade.

Make sure you leave your stop until the trend is well underway and trail outside of random volatility.

A good way of doing this is using the 40 day Moving average as a stop. Sure you miss a bit of the trend when it turns – but you can’t predict that anyway, so there is no point in trying. If you caught 50% of every major trend you would be very rich.

5. Deciding Risk per Trade

Today you can get leverage of 200:1 or more but for a small trader to use all of this is madness.

Sure your gain will be huge – but your stop has to be so close, you are guaranteed to get stopped out. De-leverage and use 10 or 20:1 and risk more per trade.

In forex trading you have to take a risk and you need to be outside of daily volatility with your stop, or you’re going to lose. Risking more to your stop means your chances of winning are higher, if you hit high odds trades and that’s what you need to do.

Volatility can destroy your account quickly, if your forex money management doesn’t handle it.

The above tips will work. In the next series of these articles we will look at how to measure volatility and look at standard deviation of price, which is essential forex education for any trader and a great tool to help time trading signals – the Bollinger Band.

Many traders think forex money management takes care of itself, it doesn’t and you need to get protection for your trades and deal with volatility to win.

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