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Not All MQL Programmers Are Created Equal

MQL programmers come in many shapes and sizes so it’s unwise to assume that you’ll get the same level of service from each one.

Having coded many projects for a large number of clients I’ve heard many sad stories of clients who had not checked out their programmer properly and instead just went for the cheapest option. Like most things in life the cheapest is usually not always the best or most appropriate. Of course it doesn’t automatically mean that just because somebody prices their services low that the quality of the service they provide will be equally low but it should make you ask a few questions.

Novice MQL programmers just starting out may be looking to build their portfolio and experience so might charge a minimal price. Clients of these mql programmers should be made aware that they are hiring a developer with very little experience and might therefore not get quite as good an end product or service as a more . The inexperienced mql programmers may also not understand how important it is to offer clients a high level of customer service. If you offer an estimated delivery for the completed project you have to stick to it. Delays are simply unacceptable and there are no excuses.

MQL Programmers – More Tips & Advice

When a client is considering mql programmers for their valuable strategy price should definitely not be the most important thing on their mind. Just like any other purchase you make it is a good idea to do some research before you buy. Check on the internet for any information about the developer and also see if you can get any recommendations. Don’t bother asking the mql programmers themselves for recommendations as any will respect and honor his clients privacy and therefore will not be able to give you contact details. Also you are not always certain that any recommendations, contact information etc are genuine. They could just as easily be from friends, relatives or even the developer themselves.

Before contacting any coder make sure you have adequately thought about your needs and requirements. You need to have a clear outline of your strategy and the functionality you want from your expert advisor. Try to document your needs in a simple and concise manner. Avoid writing pages and pages of information as it’s not needed and in many cases can actually cause more confusion. A one page explanation with bullet points of the salient areas is all that’s required. You can add screen captures too with comments if it will help clarify things but once again don’t go overboard with them. Only include what is absolutely necessary to impart your needs and requirements.

There are plenty of good mql programmers available and with just a little time you’ll be able to find the right one for your project.

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Steve Fleming has been a professional programmer and Internet professional for over 15 years. is a way to empower the non-programmers and offers a FREE 5 day E-course showing how to build an EA (expert advisor). Steve also offers his mql programming services at very competitive rates and has programmed many, many strategies both for himself and his ever growing list of satisfied clients.

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  1. Hi, Steve
    I have an Excel file with an indicator which switches from positive to negative when the market is up-trending and negative to positive when the market is down-trending. It has about 60-70% success rate.
    I wish to have a programme that will help me automate trading on MT4 and/or MT5 based on this indicator. Please let me know how you will be able to help me. Let me know what you expect in return.
    Kind regards

    • Steve says:

      Hi Wilfred

      The easiest way to get a quote from me on my MQL4 programming services, is to send me an email with your requirements.

      I’ve sent you an email and am just waiting to hear back from you to get the ball rolling.

      Take care


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