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Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) – What is it and how can it improve your trading?

Just recently I’ve been reading quite a lot about Volume Spread Analysis. VSA is an interesting approach to viewing the markets that offers a valuable insight into the way the SM (smart money) operates. It offers approaches and methods that can help the average trader see what the ‘big boys’ are seeing and gives clues as to why they get it right most of the time and WE don’t.

I’ve found a really nice  free ebook written by Tom Williams that explains everything about VSA. It’s a thinly veiled plug for the Trade Guider software but it does offer a very in depth and detailed view of VSA and the methods involved. It’s simply a MUST read for anybody serious about VSA.

I’ve so please take advantage of it. The writing is a bit stodgy in parts but the lessons Tom teaches you are invaluable so it’s worth persevering with trust me! (If for some reason the link isn’t working there’s also a copy to be found in the first post in the VSA thread I’m following below)

Also there is a very interesting and educational thread going on at the moment over at Forex Factory which I would encourage everyone to checkout.

You can find it .

Personally I’m finding my research into VSA very interesting and I’m sure it will benefit my trading. I hope you’ll find it useful too and that it will help you to become a better trader.

Good luck!


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