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Move Stop Loss and Take Profit With Ease!

Here’s a simple script that I use from time to time and find very useful.

If like me you tend to open up orders knowing where you want to set the stop loss and take profit but are too lazy or don’t have the time to work out the correct price then this script is for you. Once installed the script will allow you to adjust the stop loss and take profit of any order associated to the active charts currency pair instantly. And the great news is it works on 4 or 5 digit brokers so you should be covered.

Simply place the script in your experts/scripts folder and restart MT4. Then expand your scripts folder in the navigation window on the left (ctrl+N if it’s not visible). Find the script, right click on it and select ‘Set Hotkey’. In the box that appears select any letter on the keyboard you want (I use ‘M’ for this particular script) and ‘Alt’ from the drop down box. It’s that easy to install!

If you don’t already have it installed you’ll need to put the OrderReliable.mqh file in your experts/includes folder too. I’ve included it in the download file below.

When you want to use it to change the stop loss and take profit of open orders associated with the currently active currency pair just hit ‘Alt+M’ or whatever letter you assigned as the hotkey, and a box will appear. Enter the two settings for stop loss and take profit and hit ‘OK’. That’s it! You’ve now adjusted your stop loss and take profit without having to bother with tedious calculations etc.

Hope you find this script useful and makes your trading day a little easier.

Good luck!


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Steve Fleming has been a professional programmer and Internet professional for over 15 years. is a way to empower the non-programmers and offers a FREE 5 day E-course showing how to build an EA (expert advisor). Steve also offers his mql programming services at very competitive rates and has programmed many, many strategies both for himself and his ever growing list of satisfied clients.

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  1. Frank says:

    Thanks…I have been looking for this kind of script to speed up my TP and SL adjustment.

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