"Coding Your Own EA Is Easy... Discover The Simple Steps to Success In Less Than 3 Hours And Learn The Secrets Of A Professional MQL4 Programmer"

What if you could program your own EA's and never needed to buy one ever again?

Wouldn't that make your Forex journey so much easier and more profitable?


What if you could test a new strategy in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks?


How would you spend that extra time?


What if you discovered that coding in MQL4 was much easier than you think?


Guess what? It ABSOLUTELY is!

Does MQL4 Seem Confusing to You?


If you're like most people then you've probably tried to learn MQL4 a few times but quit for whatever reason. Maybe you found it too hard, or too complicated or maybe it just seemed too confusing and you thought that only super intelligent guys with a degree from MIT could understand it.


Well let me tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth!


One of the aspects of MQL4 that I like, above and beyond most other languages, is that it is very newbie friendly. It doesn't have as much of the technical syntax and confusing terminology that the majority of other programming languages have.


It's perfect for novice coders with little or no prior coding experience - in short... it's perfect for YOU!


"I came to Steve with the aim of learning how to write expert advisors. With his great teaching style and structured course I have been able to learn an enormous amount and have been able to write a number of expert advisors myself."
Alan Millbrow - Singapore


Do You Really Want to Code Your Own Expert Advisors?


It may seem like an obvious question but it's an important one. It's one that you need to ask yourself and be totally honest with your response.


Your passion, your drive and your motivation is what will ultimately decide your success or failure when it comes to learning MQL4. The same is true of anything you decide to do in life. If you really want something bad enough... you will succeed!


The video course I've put together for you contains everything you need to become a professional programmer... that's a FACT.


I know it's true because I've been coding EA's for myself and my clients, since 2007 and I've put all those years of experience into 10 easy to follow videos that are designed with you in mind.


I wanted to create the kind of course that I would have wanted to watch when I first started to learn to code in MQL4.


Believe me when I tell you that I know exactly how it feels to be confused and overwhelmed, when it comes to learning a new skill.


Even though I'd been programming in a number of languages for over 15 years, it was still a little overwhelming at first...


...but I persevered and I figured it out... and you will too!


If you want to read more about my initial efforts to learn to program you should check out my article, Do You Have The Right Mindset to be an EA Programmer?


You'll see a lot of similarities and recognize some of what you've been going through as you try to learn how to code your own Expert Advisors in MQL4.


Why You Can Be Sure You're in Safe Hands


If you've listened to the video at the top of this page then you already know this... but I'll say it again just so you're 100% sure that you're in safe hands with me.


My name is Steve Fleming and I've been a professional programmer for over 15 years. I had no formal training and am completely self-taught as a programmer.


When I started to study programming there were very few resources available on the Internet and most of my learning was from books, magazines and the limited number of articles that I could find. I studied long and hard for a solid 3 months and in the end I cracked it!


I was 30 years old at the time and up until about 6 months prior, I'd never even owned a computer or knew anything about programming.


I immediately took my 'Microsoft Visual Basic 5 Certification' exam... and failed!


Well that's not technically true I guess. I got a 'failing' grade of 85% but in my mind, I was a winner! I'd proved to myself that with a little hard work and some dedication, I could achieve anything.


That's exactly how you need to approach this course and if you do I guarantee... you will definitely succeed!


Make no mistake though... it's going to require that you commit yourself to the task and then...


...work, work, work.


The good news for you though is that you won't have to do anywhere near the amount of work that I had to do.


That's the beauty of this video course.


I've managed to distill everything I've learned over the years into clear and concise instructions that are perfect for a complete programming novice.


If you've never written a single line of code in your life then this course is perfect for you.


If you've ever tried to learn MQL4 but couldn't quite make sense of it all... this course is perfect for you.


If you're serious about learning how to code in MQL4 then
this course is perfect for you.


"Working with Steve has really cleared the fog for me as it relates to writing my own EA's. I had no prior code writing experience.


Prior to working with Steve, I had bought every book available on MQL4, read lots of blogs and downloaded pdf lessons. But, none of these resources could answer any of my questions.


Working with Steve has given me a much broader understanding of how to write code."
Mike Weir - Idaho, United States



3 More Reasons Why You Should Make The Decision to Take Control of Your Automated Trading

1. Become The Master of Your Own Destiny


Every time you put an EA on a chart and trade with real money, you're putting your trust in somebody else's hands.


Now I don't know about you but that thought scares the heck out of me.


Wouldn't you rather be able to either code your own EA from scratch or at the very least, be able to look inside the code of the other guys EA and know what it was doing?


If it's not working the way you want then it's a simple matter of changing the code or adding a few extra lines... it's that simple.


I did exactly that just the other day. I had a nice indicator that I was using but it didn't send me an email when a certain condition was met.


I was able to write a few lines of code that would check for the condition and send an email to my gmail account to alert me.


Of course being the total geek that I am I took it a step further and had the email forwarded to my mobile phone... but that's just me!


It's nice to have that control and those skills at your finger tips.


2. Save Yourself a Ton of Money


Buying commercial EAs can get expensive... really quickly!


Not only is it a drain on your finances but it's a losing proposition.


Think about it... every time the EA stops working because the market conditions have changed, you need to buy another one... and then another one, and another one... it's a never ending cycle that will ultimately leave you broke and disillusioned with the whole Forex market.


What if you could code your own Expert Advisors though? You'd be able to tweak and adjust the code anyway you wanted.


As the markets changed you'd be able to update your code too.


Your money would be a lot safer and you'd finally be in control of your finances... instead of trusting them to some faceless entity on the Internet.


Doesn't that sound like a much better proposition?


3. Earn Money or Start a New Career


When I first started to learn MQL4 it was just so that I could code a few EAs for myself and my friends. That was the extent of my ambition and I was totally fine with that. But as often happens, that wasn't the way things worked out.


One thing led to another and before I knew it people were sending me emails and asking me to code their strategies for them. They'd seen one of the free EA's I'd posted on Forex Factory or somewhere else and liked what they'd seen.


From there it took on a life of it's own and before I knew it I was not only earning money by coding for clients but I was also taking on coaching clients too. People would contact me and ask if I could teach them how to code and so I wrote a few tutorials, eBooks and created this video course.


I ended up with a whole new career and an unexpected source of income... and all because I'd decided to learn how to program in MQL4.


There's absolutely no reason at all why you can't do exactly the same thing. Learn a new skill, start programming for free to get experience and then find clients. Start coaching, make videos, launch your own website... who knows?


You can do anything you want and will only ever be limited by your own imagination!


"It has been a great learning process. I finally feel like I can start coding my trading systems. And, if I have an idea for a strategy, I can just sit down and create the EA for testing."
Mike Weir - Idaho, United States




MQL4 Video Training Course Curriculum


Here's all the things you'll learn when you buy my MQL4 video training course...


  • Lesson 1: Variables
  • Lesson 2: Operators & Expressions
  • Lesson 3: Conditional Statements
  • Lesson 4: Functions
  • Lesson 5: Putting it all Together - Building Your First EA
  • Lesson 6: Objects
  • Lesson 7: Arrays
  • Lesson 8: Global Variables & iCustom
  • Lesson 9: File Handling
  • Lesson 10: Error Handling & Debugging


Don't worry if some of the subjects sound confusing or strange, that's perfectly normal.


Everything you've ever tried to learn seemed confusing the first time it was presented... but it got easier right?


Well it's just the same with learning MQL4. At first things will seem odd, but don't let that stop you from achieving your goal.


I explain things in really simple terms and I don't ever try to confuse you like so many other coaches do. My only objective throughout the whole course is to ensure that you understand me and are able to code in MQL4.


With my help you will succeed and become an MQL4 programmer... I'm 100% positive that you will!


"I would highly recommend Steve's services to anyone serious about learning the MQL4 language."
Deon Fahir - Brisbane, Australia


Sounds Good Steve... So How Much is This Going to Cost?


Hopefully you've realized by now that this honestly is a great course and will allow you to finally become an MQL4 programmer. You're probably really excited and can't wait to get your copy of the course and get started.


But how much is the MQL4 Video Training Course going to cost you?


Well that's the best part of this. I've sold this course previously as high as $250... and it was great value at that!


But I've decided that I want to help even more people and so I've decided to reduce the price to only $147


You get over 3 hours of newbie friendly coaching
from an MQL4 expert, for only $147 !!!!!


Rock Solid, Money Back Guarantee


I'm absolutely sure you'll love the MQL4 Video Training Course but I do understand that you may have some concerns and reservations. It's totally natural and I would be exactly the same if I were in your shoes.


I understand that the course may not be right for everybody and I want to make you feel totally confident in your purchase. That's why I'm going to make you a personal guarantee that I will refund your money if you're not satisfied after watching the first video.


You can download the course, watch the first video as many times as you like, and then decide if you want to continue to view the rest of the course.


If you decide to not continue to watch the rest of the videos then simply drop me an email and I'll refund your payment... no questions asked!


There's absolutely no risk at all to you and I'm willing to put my reputation on the line. I'm that confident that you'll be totally happy with the course.


What have you got to lose by taking a chance on yourself? Do yourself a favor and decide to finally take the next step on the road to becoming an MQL4 programmer... you'll never regret it!


But Wait! There's More...


Actually there isn't any more but I've always wanted to say that!


I really hope you'll grab this offer with both hands because I truly believe it will help you.


If you're serious about learning how to code your own Expert Advisors then this course will definitely help you... I'm 100% confident about that.


The only thing that will hold you back is you. Are you going to continue to keep holding yourself back... or are you finally going to break out of your comfort zone, and try something new?


Only you can decide...