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Not All MQL Programmers Are Created Equal

MQL programmers come in many shapes and sizes so it’s unwise to assume that you’ll get the same level of service from each one. Having coded many projects for a large number of clients I’ve heard many sad stories of clients who had not checked out their programmer properly and instead just went for the […]

Manual Forex Trading Strategy

‘Naked Trading’,  ‘Price Action’ and ‘Bare Charts’. If these phrases are things that interest you then read on my friend because I’m going to tell you about the best place on the Internet to develop your understanding of price action and it’s hidden message. I’ve been following the blog of  for quite some time and […]

Code Your Own Trailing Stop – FREE eBook

Following on from the success of my last free eBook I’ve been asked by many of my blog visitors to write another one so here it is. I put together an instructional and, hopefully, informative book showing programmers with ZERO previous experience how to code their very own trailing stop EA that will use a […]

New MQL4 Free eBook

I've just finished writing a short eBook on the subject of MQL4 objects that you might like to take a look at. There's also a tutorial on how to build a very simple but useful indicator. I wrote the first version of the indicator 3 years ago and I still use it today. It's an […]

Watch The Money Roll In!

Watch as the cash just keeps coming in this video of the To find out more about the .

155% Gain in Only 4.5 Months

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about a new EA that’s just been released called Forex Combo. They have some pretty impressive on their site. These are not demo but LIVE which is something you very rarely see from most people. Click the Image for More Information…

MQL4 Video Training Course – Finally Available to the Public

From Novice to EA Developer in 10 Simple Lessons Would you like to trade like a pro on the Forex Market but have NO programming experience?  Wish you had a short cut to learning all the programming knowledge required to translate your strategy into an EA? Now You Can Learn MQL4 In Simple, Straight-Forward Language […]

Forex Early Warning – You Have Been Warned!

UPDATE: Read the response to this blog post from Mark McDonnell at the foot of this article. I came across quite an interesting site this week that I thought I’d mention to you for two reasons. 1. The FREE information the site offers is quite interesting and certainly worth your attention. and… 2. The site […]

New MQL4 Course Starting Next Week

I’ll be starting the next set of classes on July 6th so if you want to learn how to code MQL4 from a professional developer then read on. As part of my MQL4 training course students are given a video to accompany each lesson. The video compliments the 30 min one on one weekly chat […]

Do You Have The Right Mindset to Be An EA Programmer?

So you want to start learning to program in MQL and begin writing you own EA’s. Well that’s great but before you start hitting the books and reading the tutorials ask yourself this question. Do you have the right mindset to become a programmer? Believe it or not most people aren’t naturally gifted with the […]

FRWC Closed to New Members on March 5th

The point of the is to create a new standard in every sense, shape or form. And that includes protecting and serving our clients. And NOT being mass marketers as other FX product vendors chose to do and completely disregard YOUR interests.

Does The Perfect EA Really Exist? Maybe…

Does the perfect EA really exist? It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times and I’m sure it’s crossed your mind too. The perfect EA is surely one that can adapt to the current market conditions, that knows when it’s ranging or trending and knows which strategy to employ at the right time to make […]