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Live Account Robots Generate Over 250%

If you’re as interested in automated trading as I am you’ve no doubt been following the . Well the competition is over and the top 3 robots are available to the general public. You also get the Fusion EA that produced a whopping of trading on a LIVE ACCOUNT. The results were pretty impressive indeed […]

Testing EA with Impressive Results

A few weeks ago a client of mine contacted me about a commercial EA he had been testing and was raving about how impressive the results were. He wanted me to check it out and see if I could figure out the strategy and algorithm it was using so that I could program something similar […]

Trading Multiple Currencies from a Single Chart

I’ve been doing some programming recently that involved trading multiple currency pairs from a single EA. It’s pretty impressive to be able to bang your EA on a chart and see it initiate trades on a totally different pair. Couple that with the fact you can trade as many or as few pairs as you […]

Trailing Stop Using External Indicator (EXAMPLE)

Here’s another trailing stop EA I wrote that uses the iCustom function with an external indicator. In this case it’s the BAT ATR indicator but if you study the code and use the meta editor help file a little you should be able to edit it to use any indicator you want.

Move Stop Loss and Take Profit With Ease!

Here’s a simple script that I use from time to time and find very useful. If like me you tend to open up orders knowing where you want to set the stop loss and take profit but are too lazy or don’t have the time to work out the correct price then this script is […]

Trail Orders With An MA

I’ve coded a simple EA that will trail an open order according to an MA. It’s really simple to use and works like a charm. Makes the task of order trailing a breeze. All you need to do is place your order as normal then set the properties of the EA. Be sure to set […]

Improved Point & Figure for MetaTrader 4

If you’ve never heard of Point & Figure charts before then this brief article will not be sufficient to fill that gap. You should take a look at Forex Factory or do a Google on it to get more information. That said the basic idea is quite simple and makes a great deal of sense […]

Pair Divergence Method

I’ve been contributing to a thread over at Forex Factory about ‘Pair Divergence’ and so far the results have been very promising. I’ve taken an overlay indicator and adapted it to show lines instead of candles as that’s what the method calls for. As a special bonus for my blog readers I’ve also done a […]

Most EA’s Will Break When IBFX Upgrades. Fix Them Now!

IBFX ( has just announced that it will be changing it’s feed to  5 decimal places. This will have an impact on EVERYBODY that currently uses them as their prefered broker, including myself, so I thought I’d write a quick post to let you know what you’ll need to change in your EA’s so that […]

Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) – What is it and how can it improve your trading?

Just recently I’ve been reading quite a lot about Volume Spread Analysis. VSA is an interesting approach to viewing the markets that offers a valuable insight into the way the SM (smart money) operates. It offers approaches and methods that can help the average trader see what the ‘big boys’ are seeing and gives clues […]

Money Management

Many traders have forex trading systems that can pick the direction of the currency correctly but they continually get stopped out by volatility and cannot stay with the trend. Here are some money management tips to help you stay with the trend and enjoy currency trading success… A typical scenario which occurs for most traders […]